Good things often come in small packages. And flax seeds are here to prove just that. Linum usitatissimum, commonly known as flax or linseed is a food as well as fiber crop. In the last few years, flax seeds have increasingly become the centre of attention for their high nutritional content and health benefits. They contain healthy fats, high protein, dietary fiber and multitude of micronutrients including vitamin E.

Here’s all you need to know about these miracle seeds. Reduces inflammation – Flax seeds are very rich in omega – 3 fatty acids and possess a brilliant ratio of omega 3: omega 6. The correct balance of these fats help to reduce chronic systemic inflammation and help fight diseases. Omega -3 fatty acids from flaxseeds have been investigated for their role in diseases including ulcers, ADHD, lupus, and migraines among others fetching promising results. Keeps the heart healthy – Flaxseeds and their rich oil content have been shown to reduce blood lipid levels, especially in people who have hyperlipidaemia (high blood lipid). Its proteins have been proven beneficial in reducing blood pressure and its inclusion in the diet may help bring down blood pressure naturally. Rich in Protein – Flax seeds contain a healthy proportion of essential amino acids esp. branched chain amino acids, crucial for muscle building and beneficial for a healthy liver.

Bioactive peptides in flax have antimalarial properties and have proven protective against the malarial parasite in vivo. Helpful in managing diabetes – Flaxseeds are very low in carbohydrates (approx. 11 g in 100 g of seeds). The carbohydrate content of flax includes a fair amount of lignans and cellulose fibers. Not only does the fiber help in improving insulin sensitivity but also helps in weight management by moderating hunger. All these facts are good enough reason to include flax in your daily diet, a task easy enough to achieve. Toasted flaxseeds can be used as mukhwaas, and ground seeds can be added to almost anything.

Add it to shakes, smoothies, cereals or mix it with flour and make parantha, chips, and other snacks and enjoy your daily dose of omega-3